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How to obtain Compliance Certification
EPRI has established a certification program to test OEM manufacturer equipment per established power quality standards such as SEMI F47, IEC 61000-4-34, IEC 61000-4-11, ITIC, and others.   With PQ Star certification, EPRI offers a third party verification that the equipment tested meets power quality standards. Learn more about our services to help you reach compliance with power quality standards...
Latest Certifications!
Members of this web site continue to give EPRI positive feedback about the web content. As a service to all of our newsletter readers, we have decided to post a list of new certifications with each newsletter.See List...
Get A Copy of SEMI F47

SEMI F47-0706 is available for download from SEMI or the ANSI eStandards Store


We keep our most interesting work on file for your review. Check out past feature articles from the  archives.

???? PQ Question Corner ????

Have SEMI F47, IEC 61000-4-34, or related power quality questions? We will be glad to assist you. Send your E-mail to semif47info@epri.com.

Interruptions in Manufacturing...

...processes can cost as much as $2 million dollars in revenue per day. Such interruptions can be due to voltage sag events caused by ice storms, floods, hurricanes, lightning, utility power distribution equipment failures, or other system anomalies. EPRI has a variety of services and products to improve the robustness of your facility to power quality disturbances and help you understand, test, and comply with power quality standards such as the ITIC curve, IEC-61000-4-34, IEC-61000-4-11, and SEMI F47 "Specification For Semiconductor Process Equipment Voltage Sag Immunity."

Join Us for the 2011 PQ and Smart Distribution Conference and Exhibition

Join us this summer in Music City, USA, as we seek to bring harmony to the emerging Smart Grid. The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and TVA—along with the Tennessee Valley Public Power Association and the local conference host, the Nashville Electric Service—invite you to the 2011 EPRI Power Quality (PQ) and Smart Distribution Conference and Exhibition. With the accelerating pace of the Smart Grid, there is a need to ensure that the future grid is robust, manageable, and effective from the transmission and distribution down to end-use loads. We encourage you to join us in Nashville to learn all the possibilities for your own applications.


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